5 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Succeed with SEO

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Flowchart for SEO

SEO Strategy 2014

Many people are trying hard to optimize their website and they are left wondering if  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still working or if it is dead. If you are a business  owner who needs to build a strong and solid online presence to be able to connect with  your customers, then you should read this article to help you maintain your online  position.

SEO is changing and you need to adapt with the trend to stay ahead of your  competitors.  If you do not have good content or design, Google can penalize your  website, which affects your site ranking and where it shows up on Google searches.  The algorithm and way that Google ranks sites has changed over time.  So whatever  your method or strategy to rank high on Google in the past may not work anymore  today, and may also hurt your business.

A successful SEO strategy today would mean that you would need to apply different  dynamic SEO methods for you to rank on top. That includes branding, making your  website mobile friendly, content marketing and social media marketing. Here are the 5 tips that can make your SEO effective:

Businessman Looking Through Key Hole With Seo Doodle On Blackboard

The Key to SEO

1. Effective SEO has three cores

The three cores for a strong and effective SEO strategy is building links, building great quality content and good social media marketing. Your content must be laser targeted to what your customer needs to be able to generate profit. Social Media would help you reach your target. Also, you need to create content that would be useful and helpful to your audience.

2. The Importance of Content

It is important for you to share stories that would move your readers to take action.  When people need certain products or services or need to go somewhere, they would search for it on Google. That is why you need to create a reliable and high quality content to be able to entice your readers to trust your brand and eventually convert into real paying customers.

3. Mobile Optimization is a Must

With the release of the new Google Hummingbird update, it became much harder for websites to rank without having to optimize their mobile website. It is important to create a responsive mobile design and a strategy with the mobile content. It is very important to invest on this since more than 50% of the population own and browse often through the website using their Smartphone.

4. A Strong Branding

Building a strong brand in the internet is crucial to your company’s success. You need to build your company’s profile such as through your customer testimonial, having complete and reliable information and maintaining good communication with customer feedback and needs.

5. Social Media and Google Plus

It is very easy to spread content over social media. The key is to be able to share interesting content that would entice users to share your content. Once you are able to give something valuable to the users you will be able to enjoy this free traffic and be able to generate leads that you can convert to customers in the future.

Implementing SEO would need more patience and hard work on your part but if you will be able to do and implement all of these tips well, then you will surely have an edge to your competition.

Writing and creating content, syndicating content through social media, and staying on top of the latest algorithms by which Google rewards or penalizes websites for searches on keywords can be challenging and time consuming.  Look for company that offers virtual assistants services (home-based workers), who for an affordable cost, can help you write content, research/write articles, maintain your blog and social media accounts, and help you with your search engine optimization to increase your site ranking in Google and other search engines.  To learn more, visit our website and request a free consultation using our online form.


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