15 Benefits Why Hiring A Real Estate Virtual Assistant is Better Than Hiring a Local In-Office Employee

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The road to top real estate agent or realtor status involves long sleepless nights, working on weekends, and endless prospecting. But, it’s becoming a growing trend to outsource an assistant to help propel them in accomplishing their business goals.

In this post, you will discover why hiring real estate virtual assistant services will help you to work more at your full potential and take your business to the next level—and how cost-effective it is compared to using in-house employees.

15 Reasons Why Hiring A Real Estate Virtual Assistant vs In-Office Employee

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1. Low cost option to run your business

Real estate agents live the fast and busy life. Most mornings are spent checking through e-mails and phone messages while eating breakfast. You need to organize your day and every transaction, but you must likewise be efficient with your finances.

The smart move is to hire a real estate virtual assistant over an in-office employee. She is an entrepreneur like you, being an independent contractor doing a variety of tasks. Thus, she takes care of her own business expenses.

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant can streamline the labor cost of your business by 40%. ~ChicagoAgentMagazine Click To Tweet

2. No benefits or insurance

With a VA, you don’t need to pay for social security benefits, health, dental. and unemployment insurances.

3. No vacation, holiday, sick pay

Moreover, you don’t have to think about any labor laws and be obliged to provide them vacation and sick leaves, or even overtime fees! The VA takes care of all this because he or she can work virtually, and can manage his or her time efficiently.

Matlin, a Realtor for more than 20 years, made the decision to employ a virtual assistant. She said that with real estate increasingly moving online, she needed help keeping up with new social media platforms.

“The business is changing, and I wanted a fresh look,” Matlin said.

She needed someone with specialized skills and knowledge of social media, and how Matlin could use those tools to stay in touch with clients and her sphere of influence – Facebook, LinkedIn and her personal web page. She also needed help writing and sending a monthly electronic newsletter to her database.

4. No payroll taxes and paperwork

Hiring real estate virtual assistant services is truly one of the greatest investments you can make. Outsourced assistants can pay their own local taxes.

5. No extra office space or equipment costs

Unlike in-office employees that you have to provide office equipment such as computer, office supplies, and electricity.

6. No administrative costs

And on top of that, you don’t have to plan, arrange, and spend a single dime on company outings and recreations.

7. Increase level of productivity

A real estate VA’s primary purpose is to organize time so you can focus on the functions that matter more to your business. Instead of handling incoming calls and paperwork, you can focus on preparing for your appointments and meetings.

You can divert emails to the work from home real estate assistant. He or she can oversee all communication so you do not have to spend valuable time to these basic tasks like attending to inquiries, taking messages, setting appointments and taking notes of important details.

The real estate Virtual Assistant becomes your work filter so the path toward your day’s objectives will be cleared. Ultimately, you will notice that you are able to be more punctual in your meetings and accomplish more activities in one day.

8. “On-call” basis work

Pay only for “time on task” or by project. Unlike having an in-office employee that you have to keep busy, virtual assistants can work anytime upon your request. This gives you more flexibility in terms of budgeting and delegating tasks.

9. Extra staff during seasonal or peak activity time

Unlike the VAs, you must hire and train any additional in-office staff needed during peak seasons.

10. Fast turnaround time

And because a fully trained real estate VA works by the hour and is monitored by a time tracking software, you can expect a fast turnaround time in terms of output or call quotas.

Amy Kite, a Realtor with Keller Williams Premier Properties in Lincolnshire, knew she needed to hiring an assistant.

“I was too busy to handle everything,” Kite said. “I was losing leads, and I could tell that business was slipping through my fingers. I should have gotten my first assistant sooner.”

Her real estate VA, Denise, has helped accomplish just that by helping Kite prospect, schedule appointments with prospective clients, close transactions and maintain client relationships.

11. Weekend and evening assistance available

It’s difficult or expensive to hire admin staff for weekend and evening work—another thing that you can appreciate a virtual assistant for because again, #8 and #9-he or she can work upon your request.

12. Increase sales conversion

In real estate, lead generation such as prospecting is an important function. However, generating leads takes time and requires effort. Experienced VAs can call and follow-up prospects through online and traditional methods.

13. Improve quality of work

Real estate virtual assistants are not just your average “assistant”. They have varied skills. For example, almost all of the VAs in the Philippines are degree holders and have acquired higher training and certification in their respective core competencies.

14. Specialized skills available

As mentioned, virtual executive assistants are not limited to a single skill or talent.

  • Are you looking to organize your listings of properties, contacts and clients? He or she can help manage or create a CRM program for you and can regularly update it so you can lead prospects into a sale.
  • Do you need a presentation to an important client? There are VAs who are savvy in MS Office programs and can create professional looking Power Point presentation slides for your proposals.
  • They can also prepare well-organized and detailed spreadsheets for your financial projections.
  • Do you need more content for your real estate website? A VA can write relevant and keyword-optimized content for your page so that you can attract more visitors.
  • Need someone to manage and maintain your website? A web designer/programmer VA is perfect for you.

15. Reduce Stress

Last and probably one of the major reasons for outsourcing services to a real estate virtual assistant, is to open up more time for yourself and your family.

By taking some time off to recharge, you will come back better and more productive. Thus, having a real estate virtual assistant on-board is a valuable asset by making you enjoy a luxury many often overlook: time.

Do you have any questions about virtual office assistant services? Call us at 1-866-596-9041 and see how our highly qualified and trained VAs can assist in your everyday tasks and objectives.

We would love to hear if these tips worked for you! If you have questions or any Real Estate related success stories, please leave a comment below.


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