137 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant

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A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a startup’s secret weapon. If you want to keep doing the tasks that you love and delegate the rest, this is your ultimate solution.

Businesses and executives hire VAs for three obvious reasons:

  • They are overwhelmed with heavy workload.
  • They want to focus more on growing the business.
  • They simply don’t have time doing the repetitive tasks.

Need to avoid what you dislike? No problem. Here’s a list of most commonly outsourced tasks to virtual assistants.

137 outsource virtual assistant tasks

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Admin, Executive, Personal Assistant Tasks

A virtual executive assistant can act as your “virtual secretary” who can provide customer service support and take care of all the admin stuff that takes part of your daily activities. You can assign work to a VA indefinitely, but here is the most in-demand virtual assistant task list:

  1. Email management – Send, reply, and filter all email communication. You decide what emails go to which folder and the VA will sort them accordingly. Work on a clutter-free inbox and respond to those that need your attention. Or, have him or her create email templates and reply on your behalf.
  2. Chat support – Live chat agents can be your front-liners to assist your customers and website visitors. They can answer product inquiries and aid everyone in his or her online-buying decisions. They can also resolve customer service or technical issues to make sure your business transactions run smoothly.
  3. Appointment setting – Appointment setter virtual assistants secure real-time appointments; re-schedule and cancel appointments on your behalf. They collect a person’s info such as name, address, payment method, best time to contact, etc. The agents can also deliver your sales scripts and record orders into database.
  4. Handle inbound/outbound calls – Customer service rep can answer phone calls and also do follow-up calls to represent your company. These professional call handlers educate prospects on products, services, and prices, and encourage them make a purchase.
  5. Transcribe audio or voice – Virtual staff transcriptionists convert speech into text copy. Medical and legal are the most popular transcription jobs in the market that’s why these VAs have strong legal vocabulary and medical terminology knowledge. They also have excellent typing speed and listening skills. This task is also great for people who run podcast shows and want to convert them into written format.
  6. Calendar management – Just like appointment setting, assistants can also manage your events and other monthly activities. They enable electronic access to schedules and calendars by multiple users so it would be easier to collaborate with your team.
  7. CRM updates – A company database needs a regular update and maintenance. A technically savvy virtual assistant can do database or online CRM management to help provide your customers a great user experience.
  8. Research – Conduct research for white papers. Virtual admin assistants can search just about anything from information and media, case studies, to academic or technical articles. Research can be simple but it requires a lot of time. If you find yourself too busy to browse online, then this is an ideal task to outsource to a VA.
  9. Data entry – Lessen the workload of your internal employees by delegating data entry tasks to VAs to tackle large volume of documents. Also, there’s no need for you to purchase expensive software and storage because the virtual assistant company would provide it for you. Your data would be stored safely and your company’s efficiency would be increased.
  10. Travel booking and assistance – A travel specialist can be a great help in your next vacation. Free yourself of the burden of scouting and calling just to get a good deal. Your VA will research about the place, as well as handle ticketing, refunds, exchanges, reschedule, hotel accommodation, and preparation of your travel itinerary.
  11. Restaurant reservations – Works well along with travel booking assistance. Your dedicated virtual personal assistant will find and reserve a very good spot for you to dine and enjoy with your family, colleagues, and friends.
  12. Online shopping and errands – Make your VA run some errands for you—virtually! He can buy your groceries or household needs online, pay bills, book a seat in a movie, or anything you can think of. If you’re running late for work, it’s nice to have an assistant to work into your to-do list.
  13. Voicemail management – Equipped with proper telephone etiquette, a VA can return calls promptly that have been left on voicemail. She can also enable alerts and notify you via email when new or important messages arrive.
  14. Documentation and updating of files – Includes creating PDF forms, updating contracts, formatting documents, etc.
  15. Assist in speaking engagements – Seek the right speaking opportunities by researching call for speakers and submitting for call for speakers. The VA can also assemble materials and promote your speech online.
  16. Create power point presentation – Similarly, he or she can create a compelling slide show as part of your presentation. Show the contact info about your business. You can display this while you answer questions during the event.
  17. Bookkeeping – Includes excel accounting data entry, balance sheet management, bank & credit reconciliation; Maintaining cash flow, accounts on QuickBooks and Peachtree; and payroll processing
  18. Creating reports – You can give any info and the VA will turn them into sales reports, mileage reports, postage cost reports, etc.
  19. Prepare meeting minutes – Talented virtual office assistants can turn your scribbles and scrawls into beautifully clear and organized minutes.
  20. Moderating blogs – Rather than allowing comments in your blog right away, get someone to moderate them first. Blogs are living documents. People will find them long after you’ve published them so it’s better to have a lot of nice comments and not just spam links from users and bots.
  21. Organizing Dropbox – Save time by hiring an assistant to de-clutter your Dropbox account. He or she can set it up with specific folders, delete duplicates, and organize a naming system so that you find stuff easily.
  22. Creating spreadsheets – Find a VA who knows the ins and outs of spreadsheets. You may find it as one of your weaknesses but sooner or later you might need it for record keeping, PR contacts, or account management.
  23. Sending client invoices – Works great for business owners, consultants, and coaches. You can do it via audio recording or email your hours and billing info to your VA and he or she will do the invoices. You get to check and the VA sends them–you get paid!
  24. Credit control – Now, it might feel kind of odd and ‘personal’ when you remind your clients of their payments. No worries, your VA can handle a very straightforward, matter-of-fact way and get the cash in. You don’t have to worry about emotions or guilt and still treat your clients like royalties.
  25. Taking care of refunds – Similarly, you can take the stress away by having your executive assistant answer customer complaints and handle refunds.
  26. Create marketing plan – Ideal for anybody who’s just starting out or been in a business for a while but don’t know a thing about digital marketing. Hire a VA who knows the latest online marketing techniques and can adapt for better conversions.
  27. Create templates – Virtual office assistants can put together script swipe files for common customer requests.
  28. Troubleshooting – If you are selling an online course or product, VAs can act as your front-end support to answer and help with customer issues.
  29. Internet research on product and services – Browse and find competitor sites and see what works best for them.
  30. Create newsletter – Don’t waste a whole week making your newsletter look great! If you’re not arty and don’t know how to layout a thing or two, use a VA to set up a newsletter for your business updates.
  31. Send newsletter – So after you get a nicely done newsletter, you need to send it, right? The VA can upload your customer list and schedule your newsletter to go out when you want. If you have some templates then the VA can also tweak them like changing the date, headline, layout, etc. You can ask them to check the stats afterwards let you know what worked and what didn’t.
  32. Sending greetings eCards – A great way to keep in touch with your clients or customers and make them feel how special they truly are. Outsource to virtual employee the sending of cards on your behalf. It can be ‘thank you’ cards, Congratulations, or birthday cards.
  33. PDF conversion, splitting and merging – Converting files into PDF has its own advantages such as smaller size, high portability and powerful security. Assign your VA to disassemble and assemble PDF files quickly and easily either online or installed software.
  34. Lead generation – Generating quality leads is essential for a business as nurturing them will eventually lead into sales. VAs can do lead acquisition through LinkedIn Marketing, MeetUp, social media, and setting up landing pages.
  35. Adding tags and images to blog posts – Articles look better if they are not just all words in them. And adding tags can make search engines love them even more. A dedicated assistant will make sure all blogs are complete with images and popular tags.
  36. Preparation of training materials – Virtual executive assistants to gather all reading and training materials and compile them into a comprehensive document so you can distribute them to your team.
  37. Training of new virtual talent – Plus, when the time comes that you need another staff, your VA can train him and show him the ropes so he can get started.
  38. Basic editing of audio files – If you want to edit some audio recording but not sure where to start, a VA can use open source software like Audacity or advanced apps like Adobe Soundbooth or GarageBand. Give him a brief where you want some clippings, filter, or sound effects.
  39. Basic image editing – Want to see your images more enticing and crisp? A VA can do some basic Photoshop editing and make them appear nice and clean. You can also task him or her to crop an image of a model using your product.
  40. Basic video editing – Splicing intros and outros from a raw footage. VA to edit out unnecessary clips and put filters, effects, or captions according to your preferences.
  41. Create tutorial videos – Assign a VA to create videos that will explain how to use your product. A good demo will include screenshots and step-by-step instructions.
  42. Find a voiceover talent – Interview a VA first and listen to his or her speaking voice. A professional voiceover talent can be a great asset to your video.
  43. Setup a webinar – Got a presentation but don’t know how to put it all together in a webinar? A general virtual assistant can setup your account in an easy-to-use program like GoToWebinar so you can talk or conduct a demo for your customers or clients.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants (REVA)

Running and expanding your realty investment business is something VAs can help you with. Online assistants have in-depth knowledge of realtor terminologies and they can bring in leads for your real estate business.

General Tasks:

  1. Phone support and customer service – handle incoming calls from prospective buyers/renters or new tenants and active tenants. The VA will also make outgoing calls for rent collection and payment reminders. They will also answer phone inquiries and reply to emails.
  2. Online marketing – Market your properties online by using the following platforms: Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji, Zillow, Trulia etc.
  3. Website and social media updates – VA to post relevant updates in your social media network to increase engagement and update property listings on your website.
  4. Create marketing materials – Assist in creating and designing visually appealing images and graphics for your property flyers, brochures, leaflets and ads. VA can also create and distribute videos on your properties for sale.
  5. Create virtual tours – VA to design and edit real estate virtual tours from photos to make that overall realistic feel.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Agents/Brokers

  1. Ad posting – A VA can create and manage ad postings in Craigslist and/or in Backpage and will make sure your ads are not flagged down.
  2. Set-up meeting and manage calendar – As mentioned in #3, a VA can set up your meetings and manage your calendar to ensure you are never overbooked.
  3. List building – Property lead list building (Probates, FSBOs, Foreclosures) and investor and banker list building (REIs, small banks, private lenders). VA will also perform lead generation tasks according to your preference.
  4. Paperwork – Preparing and filing paperwork.
  5. Transaction coordination – Assist in streamlining the workflow from contract-signing until the closing process. The VA will follow and execute strict procedures until final transaction audits.
  6. MLS and CRM management – Maintain the following database: Salesforce, InfusionSoft, Top Producer, E-Edge, etc.
  7. Listing coordination – Update your listings to include only recent properties that are available for rent, lease or for sale. VA is also responsible to tag or remove properties that are no longer available in the market.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Property Management Firms

  1. Database and property software management – VA to update your database in an accurate and timely manner, making sure you have complete tenant info such as payment details and transactions.
  2. Service order dispatch – Move-in and move-out assistance, database update and maintenance.
  3. Update property listings – List update that will include only those properties that are available for rent, for lease or for sale; and tag or remove those that are no longer in the market.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Investors

  1. List building and prospect management – Property lead list building such as Probates, FSBOs, Foreclosures; and investor & banker list building like REIs, small banks, private lenders. Lead generation based on your business’ model is one of regularly done virtual assistant tasks everyday.
  2. Property listing – Assist in finding Real Estate Agents or Brokers where you list your properties either for lease or for sale. Secures accurate and timely updates of your property data.
  3. Valuation – Work on property research and comp reports, including BPO’s and CMA’s.

Real Estate Telemarketers

  1. Cold calling – Different call specializations to help real estate investors, agents, and brokers raise more money and ultimately close more deals and sales.
  2. Setting appointments – Schedule meetings, conference, and other appointments. Do follow-up calls to generate prospects.
  3. Receptionist – VA to get accurate property information, find investors, and answer buyer/seller inquiries.
  4. Fill out questionnaires – Answer and provide necessary information to forms and questionnaires that will be required from you.

Web Design and Maintenance

Technical virtual assistants can create a compelling site for your business. Website development tasks are as follows:

Blog and Personal Sites – personal blog sites for advertisements, resumes and articles—with general topics like travel, cooking, how-to, DIY, parenting, etc.

Real Estate Sites – website for real estate business, investors, agents, brokers, or property management firms. It will require a responsive layout along with useful tools such as Google maps, photo enhancers and listing search buttons.

Business and E-commerce Sites – one of the most extensive sites to develop—require features such as payment system, product attachments, downloadable files, and categorization of products or services.

Portfolio, Multimedia, News and Magazine Sites – sites used for videos, images, and various hubs of arts and media content online.

  1. Domain registration and website hosting – At the very start of your business, you get to pick a domain name and a hosting account. The web designer VA will guide you step-by-step in this process.
  2. Custom logo design – You would also need a logo to best represent your brand. The tech VA will create up to 3 mockups of your business logo to choose from, then up to 2 revisions on chosen logo.
  3. Create custom pages – Additionally, you can choose what to include on your custom pages such as the header, slide images, number of pages, keywords for SEO and marketing, type of content writing, etc.
  4. Mobile-responsive web design upgrade – Mobile version of website is also highly recommended as most people do their shopping from their smartphones.
  5. Revisions – This one is subject to complexity. Talk to your web designer on what changes you need or want for your website so he can work on the revisions.
  6. Site speed upgrade – Another improvement the VA can make for your website is to increase its speed. Fast loading websites are proven to convert more visitors than slow loading ones. Website speed matters now more than ever!
  7. Create contact forms – Capture website visitors’ contact info right on your page by creating contact forms. You can also use it for building your mailing list or creating an RSVP form for an event. Let readers get in touch without exposing your email address.
  8. Create Payment System – Paypal and other methods if selling. As mentioned, business and e-commerce sites require this feature. This makes it hassle-free for customers to order online without having to call your sales people.
  9. Create a membership website – Want to provide exclusive offers for your loyal customers? Have the web designer VA build a membership-only access website.
  10. Importing databases – A VA can help you import databases in .csv and spreadsheet formats needed if you’re setting up a new software or starting an online newsletter.
  11. Install WordPress – Tech VAs can help you come up with your very first WordPress site with plugIns and themes.
  12. WordPress theme customization – Then, if you want to change anything from font style, color, to headers, sidebars, and certain sections of the website, you can also request your VA.
  13. WordPress functionality – Comes with plug-in enhancements of your choice.
  14. Put together resource pages – Readers tend to re-visit a website if they get a lot of information in a way that entertains them or helps them with their problems. Putting together a resources page can greatly help you get more page visits and retention.
  15. Setup, monitor and manage affiliates – Similarly, the VA can manage a page where you offer a referral fee for your customers every time they send someone your way who needs your services.

Social Media Virtual Assistants

Once we build your site, we can also help you get more traffic with our virtual assistant services for SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

VAs do strategic tasks to help increase the number of your company followers and establish your brand’s social media presence for a stronger online reputation. Increase traffic to your website through social media.

  1. Set up social media accounts – The social media VA will create and set up social networking profiles for your business to appear in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Google+ and other platforms of your choice.
  2. Post interesting/informative articles – The VA can post thought-provoking articles and update your page followers of your current and upcoming activities to keep them entertained.
  3. Uploading to YouTube – Stick your ready-made videos in Dropbox or Google drive and the VA will edit them, put in the descriptions, and upload to YouTube.
  4. Manage social media – Set up a VA as an admin or editor of your social media accounts. This is a good way to keep up with your Facebook page and respond to people asking questions about your product or service. The VA can use Hootsuite to schedule posts, tweets, while moderating comments on the side.
  5. Generate unique social content – Build brand awareness that matches your business’s voice.
  6. Social media analytics – VA to track all page insights to extract marketing and performance reporting.
  7. Monitor social media pages – To make the most of social media marketing, the VA will also monitor your page insights and see which type of activity attracts more likes, shares, and visitors. Traffic may vary in each of the social media pages so it’s best to know which ones you and the VA will put more efforts to.
  8. Run ad campaigns – If you have extra budget for marketing, take advantage of online product selling and branding by promoting and advertising your products and services. Discuss with your VA what ads you want to hype up and your target people and location.
  9. Create Pinterest Images – Pinterest is becoming a more popular image sharing social network. Your VA can showcase your products and market your brand by creating pinnable images to get attention.

LinkedIn Marketing

Leverage LinkedIn features for sales prospecting, marketing, and networking.

  1. Create/Update LinkedIn profile – The LinkedIn VA will help you set up your account and create your LinkedIn profile along with the best tagline as your header. He or she will also draft your Summary with appropriate keywords as well as your Experience, Skills, Posts, and other sections.
  2. Join relevant LinkedIn groups – VA to join LinkedIn groups containing potential clients or groups within to your niche/target market.
  3. Monitor and replace groups – He or she will then monitor and replace groups as needed—keep groups with better responsiveness and activity rate.
  4. Send connection requests to prospects – VA to search prospects by using keywords or filter and send out connection requests to them.
  5. Post/share relevant topics – Same as #48, the assistant will post informative articles that will attract connections to your profile and address pain points that you or your business can help solve. He or she will share via Pulse, newsfeed, and groups.
  6. Monitor/Notify you of positive responses for follow-up – As your profile continue to establish your brand on LinkedIn, you will eventually get inquiries and interested parties. When this happens, the VA will notify you so that you can take the next steps to close the deal.


Outsource tasks online and improve search rankings through keyword discovery, content, on-page and off-page SEO.

  1. Set up Google Analytics – SEO VA will set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools at the start of the project.
  2. Complete Website SEO Audit Report – The SEO expert will then perform a detailed website analysis and will give you a comprehensive SEO Report. This will provide clear and actionable items to improve your online presence and ultimately rank higher in Google Search.
  3. Register to directory/ business listings – Then, he or she will register your website to top free directory/listings (sitemap submission to top search engines).
  4. Conduct general keyword research – Next, the SEO VA will research relevant keywords and phrases a reader might search. He or she will include these in your landing pages to get the attention of search engines.
  5. Utilize Pay-per-click campaigns – Running a PPC campaign can be a little daunting especially when you don’t know what tactics to use. This time the VA will utilize search engine advertising by running well-designed PPC ads as part of your SEO strategy.
  6. Build quality content for users – Finally, the writer VA will create useful content with the proper keywords generated (#60). Long-form content ranks better in Google so he or she can definitely help your business become more findable.
  7. Create landing page – SEO VA to create, publish, and optimize landing pages that sell–equipped with right keywords and tags. The goal is to stay on the top and be visible as possible to clients.
  8. On-page/site optimization – SEO VA to design and implement the strategies on all pages to lead visitors to your website. He or she will analyze pages that are getting the least and the most traffic, the key metrics like page views, backlinks, bounce rate, outbound links; and monitor traffic.
  9. Off-page/site optimization – Furthermore, an SEO VA can perform tasks outside of your actual website in order to improve its ranking position and increase links towards the website. This includes guest blogging and commenting, backlinking, forum participation, etc.
  10. Find popular blog posts – Dig blog articles in your niche that rank higher in search engines and have gone viral in social media channels. A VA can review what made their posts popular across the web and apply the same tactics for your blogs.
  11. Social bookmarking – VA to add, organize, search, store, and share bookmarks of web pages (Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious). This can help introduce your site to others with relevant tastes.

Human Resource VA Services

An HR virtual assistant can almost do everything just like your regular HR office employee except that you get to keep them for a fraction of the normal cost.

  1. Job posting – The HR VA will find you serious and relevant candidates by posting a list of open positions with their descriptions and requirements. He or she can post online on top job boards or social media to get lots of application.
  2. Administer screening tests – As part of the hiring process, online screening tests or pre-employment test are needed to understand if the job seeker knows what their goals are. Your VA will be the one to screen out the candidates who are not fit for your organization or company.
  3. Resume/profile review – When the applicants pass the initial screening, your HR assistant will then conduct a personalized critique of resumes. No need to plough through hundreds of profiles—the professional VA will handle it.
  4. Background checking – Simultaneously, he or she will perform background checks or background investigation on the candidates to spot potential issues that could affect your company. Assessment will include employment history, employer feedback, and authenticating the credentials and references.
  5. Initial phone interviews – Phone screening is another way to determine whether an applicant might be suitable for a position and therefore whether or not they should qualify for a physical interview. HR manager can ask question such as what they are ideally looking for in their next role or where they are up to in their job search.
  6. Book in-office physical interviews – When all the initial screening is done, it’s time for a face-to-face interview. The VA will simply call the candidates and book them in to see you.
  7. Send congratulatory email for new hires – New job congratulations email is a smart and courteous way to welcome the new hires onboard. The VA will include several ways to contact you, including email, phone, website and social media, along with the next steps to take.
  8. Send work requirements and job contracts – As a standard procedure, the assistant will send requirements and employment contracts to outline both party’s rights, duties and obligations. This will ensure a safe and secure working environment as well as a smooth transition.
  9. Database management of employee files – The VA will also compile and secure all of the employee data into easy-to-review employee database.
  10. Facilitate new hire orientation – He or she will also facilitate orientations for new employees to ease them into their new positions and help them develop and understand the company’s mission, values, rules, etc.
  11. Employee payroll tracking – HR staff to set up payroll system to keep track of your employees’ DTR. Let your VA manage scheduling and calculate payroll, reporting and invoicing.
  12. Employee attendance tracking – Similar above, the VA will set up an attendance tracking template to record all employees’ time off and document whether they worked or took vacation, personal or sick days, etc.

And there’s more! Some companies may require specialized skill set that should be best handled by virtual assistants who are professional and/or had training.

These tasks can be:

  1. Accounting – VA is a qualified accountant or CPA able to do accounting or bookkeeping tasks such as preparation of documents and tax filing, reconciling accounts, payroll, monthly-end closing reports, financial reports, budgeting, inventory control/analysis, and other accounting tasks.
  2. Bilingual Virtual Assistant – Professional assistants who can speak two or multiple languages can assist business owners to reach customers from other parts of the world in different language.
  3. Translating – Additionally, bilingual virtual assistants can transcribe documents in two languages, and can provide phone and email support. They can also act as global customer service representatives.
  4. Blogging/Writing – Blogging and content writing is a great way to attract web visitors. A blogger VA marketing by positioning you as an expert in your field and showing people you can help solve their problems.
  5. Copywriting – One of the most important elements of effective online marketing. Professional VA copywriters to craft a compelling copy for your landing page or customized pages to promote your products and services.
  6. Write press releases – These are branding and credibility tools. Listen to your audience and have a VA share your story by creating irresistible but informative press releases.
  7. Distribute press releases – The VA will then send it into the hands of local press, reporters and publishers, and to the best free and paid press release sites (optional).
  8. Create/edit a mockup – Make custom branding layout for e-book and gadgets like iPhone, iMac, MacBook, T-shirt, and Print Media etc.
  9. Format e-books – Have your e-books look professional with a consistent style and feel, error-free and grammatically correct.
  10. Project management – A project manager is what you need if you are working with a team and doing a project launch. If you don’t have time to supervise everything, then a management VA can assign tasks to team members and make sure they hit the deadlines and desired output.
  11. Diary management – If you are someone who is super busy and need to ‘to-do’ reminder everyday, you can use a VA to act as your PA. He or she will manage and protect your time, book in your appointments and keep you right.
  12. Proofreading – Send your message out professionally by getting rid of loads of typo and spelling errors. A proofreader VA can review and correct your piece so you get it right the first time.
  13. Setting up FB ads – Social media VAs can work their magic and make your ads amazing. Not only that, they can discuss with you on budget and proper targeting so that you will see results for your hard-earned cash.
  14. Creating auto-responders – Send automatic replies to your customers or subscribers by using auto-responders. Have your VA configure them to create a consistent level of service and reach your recipients at the right time.
  15. Write or proofread launch sequence emails – Guide your leads efficiently down the sales funnel by using email sequence. Your VA can strategically set up a campaign such as welcoming them to your business, motivating them to learn more, and eventually thanking them for their purchase.
  16. Create opt-in freebies – A savvy VA can write, edit or design an opt-in freebie related to your business to increase the number of prospects in your mailing list and gather leads.
  17. Create Canva images – Fact: images are one of the best ways to get traffic and keep people talking and sharing. A VA can easily create graphics from excellent drag-and-drop tools like Canva—anything from social media images to infographics, blog headers, e-books, flyers, etc.
  18. Work with printing company – The VA can also send design to your printing company to have them printed and shipped to you.
  19. Copyright images – Task a VA to put a copyright or add a watermark on your layouts, photos, videos or documents. It’s another way of branding too!

Personal or administrative assistant services and Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) are most requested but you can also find VAs with more specialized and technical skills. They accommodate demand across a wide scope of top industries.

Discover and enjoy the endless possible tasks you can assign to your virtual personal assistant.
If you are interested in learning more of how an online employee can help you, give us a call at 1-866-596-9041 .


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