10 Reasons Why Hiring Virtual Customer Support is The Smartest Idea

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Do you often find yourself taking a lot of different roles to propel your business? Is customer service one of them? Do you feel you shouldn’t be doing it but can’t easily let go?

Well, it’s time for a change! You don’t have go through all the traditional motions in order to build an amazing team. Think outside of the box and revolutionize the way you build and run your company.

For starters, you can outsource from areas with lower average wage, saving on the payroll. Find out how hiring a customer service virtual assistant can be a smart move for your business…

10 Reasons Why Hiring Virtual Customer Support is The Smartest Idea

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What is Virtual Customer Support?

A virtual customer support is simply a personal assistant who works remotely to do basic business tasks. He or she can be your virtual secretary taking care of all the repetitive admin work that normally forms part of your day-to-day activities. Virtual assistants or VAs help you leverage your time so you can focus more on profit-producing, high priority activities.

Top 10 Reasons Why Hiring A Virtual Customer Support Is Beneficial

  1. A Very Cost Effective Way to Add Help

Obviously, the number one reason is you can save money. When you outsource virtual assistant who is working from his or her own location, you don’t get to spend on overhead expenses in the process.

Think about the primary needs you don’t have to worry about when you don’t need a physical office–rent, utilities, office furniture, supplies, and other necessary things for your customer support team.

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  1. You Can Better Manage Your Time

Rather than being tied to your desk answering customer queries, you can have your calls taken for you. Using a virtual CSR can be very beneficial to your time and you can still stay in touch with what’s been happening throughout the day. You can also prioritize the issues based on what needs to be attended to first.

  1. Ability to Work Anytime When Needed

Because of the availability and affordable cost, the dedicated provider of virtual assistant services can be a huge improvement to your business. Customers can get help even when the owners and other office staff are off from work.

With virtual executive assistants, a business can easily cover the 24-hour time span during the day. This will allow customers to access full support any time they need.

  1. Improves the Quality of Your Customer Service

General admin assistants offer support with everything from basic tasks to project management. Today’s virtual support agents can provide you with a resource that is knowledgeable, experienced, and profitable.

The type of VA you hire should depend on what skill sets you need to achieve your business goals. If you have multiple customer support needs in your business such as taking orders and technical support, you should tailor your job request to find the person that is right for the job.

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  1. Customer Inquiries Are Always Handled

Worrying about the office receptionist going on vacation? Calls not always answered during and after business hours? Worry no more.

Outsourcing your phone/email support ensures your customers receive the help they need when they need it. This will make them more satisfied with your service!

  1. Reduces Workload on Full Time Staff

Keep everyone happy by outsourcing your virtual customer service representative. Your full-time employees already have enough work to fill up their work plate and adding more can make them resent their jobs (see #8).

  1. Maintain a Professional Brand

A prompt service will always give clients and customers a good impression. Calls that are answered quickly and professionally give your business a great image that they love.

A virtual customer service assistant not only brings professionalism to your client base, but they also represent the name of your company and will either take a message or relay the call to you or anyone in your team.

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  1. Reduces Turnover Rates

A stressful environment is one of the factors that trigger employees to seek work elsewhere. That’s why every employer or business owner strives for creating a happy and relaxing workplace for his or her people.

For example, the daily grind of commute can put your staff in a bad state of mind before they even get to the office. Cutting the lost free time, cost of gas, and bus fares, from daily travel out of the equation can make your team work happier everyday.

Adding a virtual customer service agent who work from the comforts of his or her home can help you retain the support you need for your business operation.

  1. Flexible and Scalable Enough to Suit Your Business

The good thing about working with independent contractors is that you can easily scale the size of your support team to suit shifts in your company operation.

If the need arises, you can expand your staff for specific assignments or long-term projects. Better yet, you can choose to condense your customer support team into a streamlined operation by assigning multiple tasks to these talented VAs.

  1. Accelerates the Hiring Process

Many of the HR Managers have observed that the traditional hiring process can be a very time-consuming task compared to hiring an online assistant.

This is because they have to juggle several face-to-face interviews and long waiting periods between candidates. Sometimes, it can take up a couple of months to fill a position when hiring locally.

But hiring online customer service only takes about two to three days. You can review their CVs and setup an interview via phone or Skype – a much faster way to build your team, right?

If you are overwhelmed by the clutter in your life and work, you can start utilizing virtual customer assistants to help with your daily activities.

The Virtual Customer Support Assistants Handles the Following:

  • Appointment Setting
  • Calendar management
  • Making calls on your behalf (inbound/outbound)
  • Prospecting
  • Customer support
  • Voicemail management
  • Email management
  • Chat/phone/email support
  • Data Entry
  • Conduct Research for White Papers
  • Search for Call for Speakers
  • Database/CRM management
  • Create Power Point Presentation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Personal online errands such as restaurant reservations, travel booking, online shopping
  • Transcribe audio or voice
  • Other miscellaneous tasks that you need to be handled

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We would love to hear if these tips worked for you! If you have questions or any Business Outsourcing related success stories, please leave a comment below.



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